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Everyone is invited to join in the Phase 1 construction/remodel of our education building. At the bottom of this email, as well as on the website homepage, you will find a link to our online sign-up sheet. Please fill it out and submit it so that we can organize all the volunteer projects and be as efficient as possible. We may run into unforeseen delays so we wanted you to know that someone for our Vision Team will contact you to confirm and update you on anything that you sign up to help with. Some of the projects do not have evening hours as a selection but if we need to add those will. The success of this project is dependent on the volunteers that we have so please consider helping in anyway possible. Thank you. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Join us at Galactic Starveyors™ for a week of searching the visible to discover the invisible. Kids will begin their search each day at the Starveyors Clubhouse (Grade level classroom) where they will explore God’s Word. Each day kids will encounter amazing and wonderful things designed by a Creator who is even bigger than the vastness of His creation as well as make crafts, play fun games, enjoy tasty snacks, sing cool songs, and learn about missions. Register at  VBS 2017 Registration

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